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…and there was water!

Following through with our commitments can be notoriously hard. Remember all those “New Year New Me” deals usually including a significantly upgraded version of yourself with more books on the shelves, less Netflix and chill, and a much fitter butt? Given the amount of Nutella available in a local supermarket and a new season of Game of Thrones, sticking to those kinds of resolutions can be excruciating (and if you manage, we would like a coaching session 😉), but at least all of them are mostly dependent on you and the limits of your willpower. Now, imagine sticking to your word, when you have no guarantee a goal you are trying to achieve could even be reached at the first place…

You see, recently we were lucky enough to witness an infinite source of willpower and faith right at the construction site of our school and felt compelled to share with you. It emerged from two unlikely heroes – two local workers, who had a problem at hand: our plot of land did not have a spring or any other source of fresh water. Needless to say, without water, our hopes for attaining proper sanitation standards in the future school and in the nearby volunteer house would be dim, and we would need to start accounting for extra expenses for the water delivery services, which in turn, would of course postpone our school’s opening day. Surely, we all go upset. BUT. Thankfully, there are very cheerful people amongst our team, who fully adhere to the ancient African wisdom: Hakuna Matata, or no problem!

Despite the lack of obvious source, our heroes Mr. Vuai Matoko and Mr. Pandu Haji decided to dig deeper – in the literal terms. They picked a spot of land (don’t ask us how – it seems no one knows, and nothing, but their wonderful intuition was in play) and started digging. Three months (!!!) later and ten meters deeper, and voila – the subtle sound of a gentle stream presented itself like music to our ears. There was water! There was water in a spot of our land, that was in no way checked prior to this excavation adventure, showed no signs of having it on the surface and received attention only thanks to our two heroes having a hunch about it!

To say this was luck is to say nothing at all, but no matter how much luck we were blessed with, this would never be possible without Vuai’s and Pandu’s unabated perseverance, complete refusal to give up in the face of challenges, strength (they were working every day, 7 hours a day!!!) and faith into something bigger than them – all the skills we hope to teach the kids of Kizimkazi village at our school.

We want all those supporting our cause to know our heroes’ names, as we are forever in their debt, not only for moving us one step closer to our dream, but also for showing us what a human spirit can do! Thank you Vuai and Pandu!

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