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Our Seeds Of Light School is Open!

And so, it has happened – something we have all been excitedly waiting for! We are happy and proud to announce that as of January 18, 2020 the Seeds of Light School, created by CR HOPE Foundation, has opened its doors to the first batch of students! What a joyous day for all those involved with our cause!

We must admit – it has been a long, yet a truly rewarding journey. A lot has happened on the way: major wins and minor drawbacks, shared successes and no less common fails, lots of laughter, smiles and a little of tears – all that made us stronger and proved that we were ready to go till the end to make sure that our vision became a reality!

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We are also at a loss of words to express the extent of our gratitude to all those who decided to share this beautiful adventure with us. When we set out on a journey to make quality education for the kids of Zanzibar more affordable back in 2018, we could hardly imagine how many infinitely generous people we will be lucky enough to meet on our way. We like to think that we succeeded at building not only a school, but a community of those, who took it upon themselves to make a child’s life a bit better, who came from different parts of the world to share their love and kindness with those who needed it the most – and witnessing such acts of pure generosity was truly one of the biggest honors to us. Our hearts are overflown with the feelings of respect, gratitude and awe to all of you – you who made the Seeds of Light possible, who is helping to raise the next generation of leaders, the future Smiles of Tomorrow!

In the words of our co-founder Renos Fountoulakis: “The opening of the Seeds of Light is just a dream come true! Two people from different parts of the world, with very different backgrounds and life stories came together with a common purpose to prove that love is what unites us all, that education is the only weapon that can change the world to the better. I am really happy to see all these kids smiling, finding the safe space, and we hope that the seed of light we’ve planted today will grow tall and strong.”

Our first batch of students includes 34 children of ages 3 – 5, but we are working on expanding our operations and welcoming more kids in the nearest future. Our deepest gratitude goes to our generous supporters and true leaders in the field of social



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