A Tribute to an Unsung Hero

 A Tribute to an Unsung Hero.

A tribute to William Fraser, a true inspirational leader and a shining example of the positive impact one person can have on the world. Throughout Fraser’s career as a teacher and his many years of volunteering, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to education and a passion for helping others. Based on a letter he wrote to Renos, Cofounder of CR Hope, Fraser states, “I have always been passionate about education and have had a life long commitment to education.”

In his role as a teacher, Fraser spent 20 years inspiring young minds and helping students to succeed in their studies. He was then selected to design and teach alternate education, providing a unique and transformative learning experience for students who needed it most. These were young people who had behaviors that couldn’t be tolerated in a regular classroom, and Fraser worked to help them develop the social skills and responsibilities they needed to become contributing citizens in Canada. Fraser spent a lot of time outdoors with the students, doing contract work on farms and in forests to fund recreational activities and experiential learning opportunities. “We taught basic subjects but our emphasis was on experiential learning. A good deal of our time was spent outdoors we did contract work on farms and in the forests to earn money to fund our recreational pursuits,” Fraser said. Fraser loved this job until the day he retired, and he still keeps in touch with some of the
teachers and support staff who were part of his team. “I loved this job right up until the day I retired. I still communicate with some of the teachers and support staff that formed a part of our team,” Fraser shared.

But Fraser’s commitment to education and personal growth didn’t end with his retirement. He has spent the past 20 years volunteering overseas, using his skills and experience to make a positive impact on communities around the world. He has worked with Don Bosco students in the Philippines, helped improve access to water and sanitation in Kyrgyzstan, and even helped build a health clinic in Guatemala. “My fondest memories include work with Don Bosco students in the Philippines, work in Kyrgyzstan with a focus on water and sanitation, and helping to build a health clinic in Guatemala,” Fraser said. But some of Fraser’s fondest memories are from his time in Tanzania, where he and his wife worked on projects such as building a library and improving access to clean water. Upon his journey in Tanzania, Fraser explored the island of Zanzibar where he met a local souvenir seller named Cosiano Ismaili, who now is the Co-founder of CR Hope.

His contributions to CR Hope were no different to his many philanthropist aids. The story of how CR Hope came to be is because of the Fraser’s support in Cosaino’s English classes. This gave our Cosaino the opportunity to create new paths that lead to the foundation of the Seeds of Light; CR Hope.

Throughout his journey, Fraser has always believed that life is a great university and
that volunteering is a way to give back and make a difference. His dedication to education and his commitment to helping others teaches us a valuable lesson, that the impact one person can have on others can change the world.

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