Cashee Joins Hands With CR HOPE Foundation To Support Accessible Education

CR HOPE Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership with Cashee – a unique Dubai-based startup aimed at teaching children valuable financial management skills to make sure they are ready for adult-life decisions.

Turns out, no matter how stressful starting your own company may be, some entrepreneurs do not let that shift their focus from doing good! Cashee is a great example of such a conscious business, as they have recently partnered with CR HOPE to expand the access to education for the underserved communities in Tanzania. Working together with them on the Impact Zanzibar project, we have set out on an exciting and challenging endeavor to enlarge our nursery school Seeds of Light and accommodate over 100 students in the future!

Despite their very short history, the organization is already looking for more initiatives to support philanthropically. As such, their focus is currently on financial literacy programs as those constitute the essence of their business model. While there may not be a specifically organized process regarding that yet, it is evident that the company is planning on taking its CSR involvement seriously.

In the words of Smeetha Ghosh, Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Cashee: “Giving is a big part of Cashee and we would like to teach children how to save to give to the less fortunate as well. We hope to be able to make ourselves and Cashee good examples of this practice. As we go about our daily busy lives, it takes conscious effort to sit down and think about giving – to whom, how much, etc. Most times, this falls at the bottom of the priority list. Through Cashee we want to raise awareness about giving, to both kids, parents, and even ourselves.”

On behalf of everyone at CR HOPE Foundation, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Cashee for their generous donation, continuous support, and all-encompassing will to give back to the community! Thanks to companies like Cashee, more children will get an opportunity to make their dreams a reality and lift their communities from poverty!

About Cashee: Digital payments are on the rise everywhere and modern-day kids need their own solution. Cashee offers a prepaid card with a money management app for kids, managed by parents, to teach them real-world lessons on financial responsibility. Cashee teaches kids lessons in saving, spending, earning, and giving in a fun and engaging way. A child-friendly interface that empowers and encourages kids to engage with their money, with complete parental control. To find out more, visit their website

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