CR HOPE Foundation Partners Up With Fathers And Kids Camping

CR HOPE Foundation is pleased to announce a brand-new partnership with Fathers and Kids Camping – an innovative organization aiming to bring fathers and their children closer together through life-lasting adventures and challenges.

As a part of their continuous effort to give back to the community and a historical dedication to CSR campaigns, Fathers and Kids Camping (FAKC) has chosen CR HOPE as their new partner on the road to building brighter future for the children of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Together we have set an ambitious goal: to double our school Seeds of Light’s capacity to over 100 children, who would otherwise not have access to quality pre-primary education! 

To do so, the project, entitled Impact Zanzibar, aims to fulfill the following milestones:

  • Building five more classrooms along with the wash basins for boys and girls bathrooms;
  • Constructing a world-class playground for all the kids to encourage physical and social skills development;
  • Installing a rooftop solar PV system to power the school.

Impact Zanzibar is not the first philanthropic endeavor FAKC has taken part in. Their involvement with various non-profit organizations has begun about five years ago, when they entered a partnership with the soup kitchen called Classic Catering. Since then, FAKC has helped the UAE Food Bank, Mothers Without Borders, and Project Maji.

In the words of Vahid Fotuhi, FAKC’s Founder and Chief Camper: “Such partnerships are so important, today more than ever. In a world which is becoming more close-minded, we need to reverse the trend by expanding our horizons and pushing our boundaries. This is done by going to places that might seem uncomfortable. But by doing so as a team, hand-in-hand with a strong local partner, we can create a beautiful bridge by which both sides will benefit.

We chose CR HOPE as a preferred partner to do that because of how responsive and helpful Renos was. This is not always the case when you reach out to NGOs. This is why I was immediately impressed with Renos and the Foundation he has created along with Cosiano. This impression has only become stronger over the past month since we started our partnership. His passion and commitment to this cause is world-class.”

Another much-appreciated contribution was made by Pirates Surf Rescue Team – a Dubai-based organization offering water sports programs for kids aged 8-18 – that has managed to collect all the items on our school’s wish list and pass them on to FAKC to distribute during their trip to Kizimkazi, Zanzibar! What a great gift for all our students, their parents, and teachers during the Eid holiday – a simple word of appreciation is not enough to show how thankful we are!

On behalf of everyone at CR HOPE Foundation, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Fathers and Kids Camping for their generous donation, unshakeable faith, limitless enthusiasm, and utmost support in our common goal! Thanks to companies like FAKC we are able to keep making accessible education a reality for dozens of underprivileged children.

About FAKC: Fathers and Kids Camping was established in 2010 in Dubai as an effort to strengthen the bond between children and their fathers, while also creating beautiful memories and experiences. The organization is already ten years old and is growing stronger every day. FAKC’s values are deeply rooted in teamwork and sustainability, which drives them to not only explore new places every month but do so in a mindful manner, taking care of the surrounding environment and communities. To find out more, visit their website.

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