The Mystery of Kindness

Where does kindness come from? Is it a cause for or a derivative of compassion? Are we just born kind, or can we develop this trait in ourselves? What inspires us to help another human being? Why do we feel the pain of others and how do we decide to alleviate it?

These and many other questions have been puzzling the humanity for generations, and, well, perhaps, we’ll never know the answers to them. What we do know is that acts of kindness happen every single moment on this beautiful planet and sometimes you and I are lucky enough to witness them. We also know that oftentimes people don’t know why they do what they do. Many modern heroes, be it teachers at school shielding their students from the bullets, or passers-by climbing buildings to rescue a falling toddler, say that they don’t know why they decided to risk their lives for saving others, that they didn’t get a chance to think it through and that their actions were almost automatic. Surely, kindness works in mysterious ways and all we can do is foster and nurture it in ourselves like a precious flower, capable of brightening the days of those around us.


We think this is exactly what one of our volunteers has been doing her whole life, and the results of her kindness are truly astonishing. During one of our donation trips to the village of Kizimkazi we met an elderly woman that attracted the attention of our volunteer (who prefers to stay anonymous, so let’s name her F.). Why specifically that woman? F. doesn’t know – besides, who really knows how a connection between two strangers forms, right? Couple of seconds and words later the woman invited us to her house to show how she and her family live and introduce us to her mother. F. was deeply touched by such hospitality and by the looks of the house itself: there was no furniture there and our host’s mother was resting on the floor. As we said, kindness works in mysterious ways, and moments later F. found herself writing down a list of items the family needed the most: beds, mosquito nets, a table…

A few days later we delivered all those things to the family on behalf of F., but don’t take our word for it – we’ve got photos! Photos that show how kindness and compassion of one person can change the lives of those around her, how things, that many of us take for granted, are so deeply appreciated by others, photos that remind us that any contribution can make a big difference, as long as it is done with a heart full of love. We at CR HOPE Foundation would like to thank F. for spreading that love and bringing smiles into the lives of Kizimkazi villagers, and we promise to always do our best to pay it forward to the next generation of Zanzibari people.

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